Feb 15, 2011

Antique Asylum

Antique Asylum

At first glance of the store name, you may think we are just a bunch of nuts who love antiques and vintage things. I’d like to think Antique Asylum means “to give refuge to” things that were once loved and cherished until they find new homes to once again become useful. 


Whether you are starting a new collection or continuing on your quest to find the perfect additions to a lifelong passion, we’re here to help you.  As “treasure hunters” ourselves, we know the passion of finding the items that have value. Not necessarily monetary value, but sentimental value as well. Sometimes it may be a cookie jar like the one your Grandmother kept her homemade cookies in, or an antique buffet to hold your fine china passed down through the generations.


Restoration, preservation and proper care are very important to us and we would love to share with you our experiences and techniques we use.  It will also be exciting to share collections and ideas as we continue with this blog. So look forward to some fabulous finds, tips of the trade and maybe even the occasional sentimental story.